The Process

My Process

The explorative process of reconnection to you.
Through this process, it is important to bring an open mind and a sense of curiosity as we explore our inner selves through the lens of breath, exploratory meditations, parts work, somatic experiencing, exploring our shadows with or with out plant medicines.

With this new found knowledge and awareness, we start the process of taking actionable steps that will ultimately build a foundation for a lasting transformation that you can continue to benefit from for the rest of your life.

My role is to offer you the tools and support necessary for you to reconnect to yourself, trust yourself and take your power back.
You can live the life you want.

Road Map of the Transformation Process:

Slowing down 

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Step 01

Tune into you

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Step 02

Receive the messages

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Step 03


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Step 04

Slowing down: 

This starts the process of cleaning up your reality. We must learn to slow down and observe ourselves, our thoughts, our feelings, our world to see what we have created. This is not possible without eliminating unnecessary “should’s” , “ have to’s” and other habits we can sometimes ( not always) be unaware of.

Tune in:

Once we have made space to slow down and have learned how to be less busy, we can start to learn how we feel about situations that may have been covered up by our busy lives and by unconscious habits. This is where we start to form a deeper relationship with our felt sense .

Receive the messages:

Learning how to tap into the wisdom of our bodies and emotions are essential in this process. This is where we start to uncover the deeper story behind problems, habits, and ailments.  We move towards awareness and acceptance so we can be more free from what no longer serves us.


This is when we take our new found insights and awareness and put it into action.