Holistic Approach

My Philosophy

Are we curious as to what else could be out there for us?

Are we open to exploring the idea of a different experience in this life?

Or are we ready to fully commit to living a new way and in all its depths?


Over the last 20 years of exploring many practices with medicine, I have seen how myself and others show up at varied degrees of openness to newness, to change, to transformation. This is not something to shame, fight, or push, its merely an awareness of where we are so we can work with where we are to better understand ourselves. There are different tools and ways to work with each stage so we can safely, mindfully, and intentionally  take you where you are looking to go.

I believe most all struggle in life comes from not listening to yourself.

This is the process of returning home to you.

It is a process of undoing and unraveling to discover the deep wisdom within.

This is not a process of force or will power. It is one of deepend self awareness and presence. 

My Methodology

Our bodies hold memories and imprints of our past experiences. Most of these events are at the root of our anxiety, depression, and maladaptive behaviors such as addictions, bad habits, and more.

Most can identify with wanting to badly to change something about ourselves and yet, it almost seems impossible?

Many individuals I work with come to me with the common story of what I call “loop processing”. Most have worked with more conventional therapist, rehashing many of the same stories and problems that are repeating in different circumstances and different people. We have become possibly more aware, intellectually, what mistakes were made, what would be more ideal, the list goes on but often stays in cerebral processing.

Understanding isn’t enough for deep change. My process takes you into a deeper, into the felt sense. I believe we must include our bodies in this process, our nervous system to truly move through something. We are not looking to fight, battle, or willpower ourselves into a new way of being. I walk you though a process of exploring, with love and curiosity, to find understanding so we can find a compassionate way of relating to all of our selves, so we can return to a more balanced and easeful life.


This Process Includes…

Embodiment Processes – Psychically showing up as you would like and noticing what arrives in your awareness to keep you from owning your desires

Shadow work- Exploring your triggers, your strong responses to questions, behaviors and much more to reveal what you are hiding so well from yourself about yourself

Parts work- Tying all of the above in a framework similar to Internal Family Systems. It entails creating awareness and working with, rather than against the many “parts” of ourselves that we have developed out of protection. This style of work will reveal  to us our deepest fears, insecurities, desires and dreams. We learn how to work with these parts to create a harmonious inner landscape, allowing for a more easeful, and deeply transformational experience you can apply in your daily life.

It is a process and a practice.

This is a LIFESTYLE change.