Holistic Approach

Alternative Healing

Our bodies hold memories and imprints of our past experiences. Most of these events are at the root of our anxiety, depression, and maladaptive behaviors. ( aka addictions)

Most can identify with wanting to badly to change something about ourselves and yet, it almost seems impossible?

Many individuals I work with come to me with the common story of what I call “loop processing”. Most have worked with more conventional therapist, rehashing many of the same stories and problems that are repeating in different circumstances and different people. Most “issues” are stuck in our tissues, on a deeper cellular level that can not be resolved through talking alone. Sustained healing requires working in a holistic manner so these imprints that have been stored in our bodies and deep parts of our brains, nervous system habits can be set free. Our nervous system needs to re adjust to our current reality to be free from these patters.


Do You Need Help

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I work with individuals to move past our cognitive thinking ways, and gets us back into our bodies, and our lives. I teach YOU to help restore our bodies natural healing abilities, to feel more safe and connected in our world, more grounded and able to make better choices. The bi-product is safety, connection and belonging.

This approach involves some of the following: Parts or Inner Child work, Internal Family Systems, Somatic Experiencing, Fascia work, Holographic Memory Resolution, Breathwork and embodiment tools.

Life is all about how you feel, lets get you to feeling your best!