Frequently Asked Questions

Many of life’s experiences leave deep imprints in our minds and in our bodies. There is so much buzz around Trauma, triggers and the like. I believe that we all have encountered things that we are aware and sometimes unaware of in our lives that affect us to varying degrees. We also all have parents, family, school teachers, classmates, and  the culture in which we were raised leaves us with stories, beliefs, imprints that affect our everyday life, many of which are not allowing us to live our best lives. 

Plant medicines and Kambo can allow us access to greater knowledge of ourselves and what our current “programs” are, can help us more clearly evaluate our life, our choices and ways of being. By doing this type of work, we are going much deeper than the conscious mind and into our subconscious and cellular “ holding “ patterns which one cannot regularly access in everyday life and in traditional therapy settings. Because of this, we are more readily able to transcend our current ways of living , expanding into a more full version of ourselves and step up into lives of greater and deeper fulfillment.

Consultations are VERY important when stepping into this work. This is deeply personal experience and it is imperative to  find a guide who very much understands your goals, your history as well as you need to understand what your potential facilitator has worked on themselves, what methodology they include in their process and most importantly that you feel a sense of trust and connection with who they are. Remember, this work is often in an altered space where you are in a highly susceptible and sugestable space, creating new imprints on your consciousness. Ideally you  want to find someone who understands this space deeply and has walked this path extensively themselves .

I offer a few different packages that involve support for pre and post plant medicine experiences. I also am available for single consultation calls.

Single calls are best for those who are looking for a little more structure on how to potentiate the journeys they take on their own. I can prepare you with optimal set and setting, dosage, what to take the medicine with and what to avoid, optimal scheduling, self reflection exercises to set a strong intention, integration tools and more. This can also include advising around a Microdosing Practice


Preparation calls are to help us explore creating a deeper, clearer picture of what is keeping us from our desired life. We will be  building  a relationship together, getting clear on our needs,and developing a strong sense of trust and understanding for one another. This significantly helps us get the most out of experience when we create this more solid, clear path, and helps us avoid ( not eliminate) potential challenges or “bad trips” so you can go much further in one experience.


Integration calls , which is what we call our meetings after an experience, help you “land” smoothly back into your life. You have made some deep changes and most of your reality appears the same. This can be a bit of a rocky adjustment full of different emotions that you haven’t felt before. There is a window of time after an experience where we can optimize our insights and learn how to apply them into our lives to create lasting transformation. This is not a one size fits all practice and its important to take advantage of this time to bring the gifs of our experience down into our reality.  I will help you navigate any challenges as you make these adjustments in your life preventing any unnecessary suffering, confusion as you anchor in your new reality. 



The benefits of having a facilitator can possibly be best explained using the analogy of going to outer space. Plant medicines take you into an unknown space, where all your senses are altered, you are functioning differently , almost everything is entirely new to you in that process.  Just like going into outer space, everything feels a bit, or a lot different. Yes you can go into space without someone who is experienced and you may be just fine, but there could very well be things that come up unexpectedly which could cause great panic, afterall , you are in a completely different environment than what you have always been in! You can read all the books you want, listen to numerous podcasts, but nothing can fully prepare you for an experience like a well experienced and grounded facilitator and to have them with you on your journey. I mention groundedness as our nervous system is one of the most significant foundations, if not the most significant foundations in creating a pleasurable experience and solid foundation to help you rely on in the process. Our bodies are greatly attuned to the strongest nervous system in the room, and over a decade of deep meditation practice and many trainings has provided me with the tools on how to hold space in a strong way, which on a deeper level allows the client ( you) feel safe in going much deeper , remain curious and open to all that the medicine has to offer you knowing that there is someone in your space who is calm, clear, neutral and can help you with any discomfort or resistance that may arise.

I truly believe having a thoughtful community is one of the most healing things for our culture today. When you work 1:1, you have one person mirroring back to you, one person’s insights to reflect on. Sharing fears, inspiration, insight, guidance , and having more courage collectively to see another’s perspective, to continue on this path of self exploration is a powerful gift to expanding someone’s life. Sharing these intimate experiences that psychedelics can offer us, we connect on a deeper level that is so nourishing, as it undos our culture’s narrative that often includes shame in sharing our grief, struggles and strife. Here, in community we get to witness and be witnessed in a safe loving container which is often the most potent medicine of all.

Group sessions are so magical and nourishing but not for everyone. They take a bit more courage, and vulnerability that not everyone is comfortable with. I know it took me over a decade to get there myself. There is no right or wrong choice, only the one that feels the best for you. 

Many group experiences are on retreat or single one off ceremonies. Most often in these experiences there is no preparation for the journey. I believe there are steps that can be taken to prepare you to get your most beneficial transformative experience. A large portion of this involves proper self introspection, developing a deeper understanding of yourself, an understanding of group dynamics in an altered space and developing a relationship with whom you will be sharing this powerful space with. The benefits of building relationships with others that will be joining you on your psychedelic experience, especially your facilitator, are often the most potent part of many journiers experiences. To develop the skills in exploring yourself, building trust with a community I have found to be a significant potentiator in this process. To return together after this process, to have a group share and help you integrate these practices into your life sets you up with a powerful foundation from which we can collectively build upon, providing you motivation to move through any challenges you may encounter. We are all aware that having a support system when going through changes highly increases our chances of success, I feel, like all work in this space, its significantly amplified. My hope is that you all will create lasting connections to which you can carry on this work together. 

From a harm reduction standpoint, you can assure my groups are well through through, with proper medical evaluation, and consultations that often are not apart of other group experiences leaving you with a significant risk of an unstable and potentially harmful  environment

Maybe you are new to this work, maybe you feel overwhelmed  in groups, maybe you need a bit more custom and quality 1:1 support, then 1:1 is most optimal for you! When working 1:1 with me, we can customize your calls and experiences to exactly what you are needing for a powerful and intimate deep dive. Some of the best questions you can ask yourself in deciding between 1:1 vs a group would be:

  1. How do you feel about sharing feelings with strangers?
  2. Are you typically self conscious ?
  3. Are you often the care taker in a group?

These are just some of the questions we would consider when deciding between the two options.