What is Kambo?

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Kambo and its healing….Most of what you read can be quite scary online about the experience. I work a bit differently as I always aim to work with your fears, your concerns, and whatever else may arise for you, and to work with you compassionately, making sure all parts of you are open to this experience. I aim to have everyone’s experience be one in which we feel safe and supported exploring our experiences. I do feel all deep healing requires us to work with our fears and in doing so with my methodology , I feel it ensures deeper lasting changes. 

Because Kambos origins are rooted in Indigenous Culture, on the grand scheme it is fairly new to the western world, but is actually on the rise and gaining more popularity due to its incredible transformational and healing power. Kambo’s unique form of administration of application to the skin, and effects it has during the experience may also seem unconventional to some, but again, because of how this medicine has deeply changed lives and healed those of extreme illness and ailments, people are truly begin to realize how valuable it is, and it is worth overcoming the idea of it being unconventional and unfamiliar. 

Kambo Links to research and More:




That’s a solid group of Kambo Science papers to get you started, however many of you may be searching for more esoteric information . If that is you , I suggest searching for papers that don’t specifically focus on Kambo but instead look at things like AMPs (antimicrobial peptides aka HDPs – Host Defense Peptides) or by looking at papers that only study one specific peptide (eg Dermaseptin, dermorphin, etc).

Looking for more Kambo information to geek out on?

Your best bet is to look on Pubmed, Frontiers, etc, for kambo-specific papers or papers and studies on specific peptides.

Having said that, to get you started, I made an informational wiki here a while back which is reasonably research-focused, and has some links -https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kambo_(drug) – However it only highlights a select few things.

Just one thing I’ll mention: in a lot of the papers, you’ll see mention that it “causes liver damage”. If you look at the sources they cite for this, they all site literally one paper. Which would be weird enough on its own, but made more concerning by the fact this paper makes this stunning conclusion based on the results of one single person, who also was an alcoholic and was overweight, both of which contribute to liver issues. In other words it’s a conclusion that feels misaligned. Kambo does place additional stress on the liver, but it’s light, temporary, and doesn’t cause that sort of damage on its own in normal circumstances without other factors to compound it. 

My offerings around Kambo:

1:1- Best for those who are looking for a more focused and customized experience, difficult or more challenging cases such as long standing issues or more complicated health issues. Also if you are more sensitive to others energy, tend to be more private person, a caretaker, fears around being weak or vulnerable , this is most likely a more supportive choice.

Group session- Most group sessions are around 4 or 5 people. They are best for those looking to be open to others, who can maintain focus on themselves in the group, and are open to being vulnerable with a group of others on their healing path. Its quite healing to allow yourself to be witness in a group process but its not for everyone! 

3×3- After at least working with me once, you are welcome to join me in a 3×3. A 3×3 experience is typically 3 sessions in 3 hours or 3 sessions in 3 days. 3 sessions in 3 hours can sound very intense for those who haven’t experienced such a process and it is but not in the way most imagine. Typically after your first session, the next few are less uncomfortable, often more insightful , spiritual and meditative in nature. This is a beautiful opportunity to remove deeper blockages, deeply shift your health, gain powerful insights  and develop a healing connection with yourself.

Please go to my contact page to reach out if you would like book a consultation or inquire further about my Kambo Healing opportunities. https://holisticlivingstudio.com/contact/

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