Preparing for a Journey

What is Psychedelic Preparation? What does a Psychedelic Guide, Psychedelic Therapist do?

The core of this work is to help you optimize your journey.

Whether you’re experienced or a beginner, having someone to guide you through preparing for a journey can help achieve deep and lasting results from your psychedelic experience!
Entering into your first experience can be overwhelming. There’s so many thoughts of the unknown; What will I feel like? Where will my mind go? What if I see dark and scary things? Maybe this isn’t your first time but you’re looking to dive deeper and achieve certain goals through using these powerful medicines.

Working with a guide is an amazing opportunity to help you in either scenario. In these sessions I offer YOU effective practices to navigate what you are experiencing prior to your journey and to transfer them into tools to deepen your journey. All of these sessions are custom tailored to your needs as there is no one size fits all model when working with these medicines or on any healing path.

I am deeply connected to this work as it has changed my life and many close to me who struggled for decades with mental illness, addictions, health issues and low self worth. Here is an informative talk about the basics of Psychedelic Therapy and how it can transform your life:

What happens to your brain when taking Psychedelics:

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