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Perspectives Shared

Taking the road less traveled

My thoughts on this new frontier…

Psychedelic work, although becoming increasingly more main stream, will still be considered for some time, an “alternative” method of healing. If you think about it, or know anything about the science and methodology behind these therapeutic styles, they very much are a new way of operating, very much unlike our more conventional styles of healing we have seen for such a long time.

Here are just a few ways in which Psychedelics used as medicine will be very much unconventional in comparison to our current mental health models:

This in no way can be a one size fits all model.

Psychedelics are confrontational not something that helps you buffer your symptoms but more helps you get to the bottom of your issue and find resolution.

It is not a life long practice, unless you want it to be.

Its very much about listening to you, it encourages individuality rather than conforming to another protocol or beliefs.

Yes, there will be many using psychedelics recreationally ( which can still be very healing) and many taking them for mental health transformations, just touching the surface shall I say but eventually more and more will learn the art of diving deep into themselves. The art of diving deep into oneself, to really strip away so much conditioning, trauma and pain, to reconnect to that peace and presence is how we create a new world.

And this is only just the beginning. When looking at this list, I see how destablizing this psychedelic revolution could potentially be to so many of our established ways of living. Yes, clearly when you look around, you can see some of these shifts taking place but on a very deep level, if more people have more access to this profoundly transformational tool that psychedelics are, we will have more people diving deeper into our selves, moving away from anyone else systems and structures, and starting to operate from ones own truth.

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