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Kambo is a medicine that comes from a secretion from a tree frog, phyllomedusa bicolor which translates to guardian of the trees. It lives in the upper amazon, high among the treetops. It has no known predators and because of this, there is an abundance of them! Many tribes claim to have discovered this medicine first and from my research and teachings, I do not have a solid conclusion as to who may have come across this secretion and its power first. 

It was said to have been discovered after a virus plagued a tribe and there seemed to be no remedy. What they found when they applied kambo to the body was many healed very quickly from this “incurable” illness quickly as well as it improved their health in numerous ways. They also noticed it was sharpening all of their senses, sight, sound, smell, touch and over all their intuition, stamina. Because of this it was nicknamed “vaccine of the jungle” and “ warrior hunters medicine”.

Kambo is a peptide treatment. Peptides are signaling molecules that communicate with different systems of the body on how to function. There are numerous peptides in its secretions that have been studied for decades and many replicated in labs in isolation. It has been clear that when using these peptides singularly that much of its benefits is lost as there is a synergistic quality to them working together and originating from a natural substance. This aligns with the philosophy of my practice which is focused on the holistic way of healing, that everything in our body, mind and world, work together. When we look at our bodies and lives in a whole, we get much deeper healing rather than managing isolated symptoms.

Because we are a whole system, this medicine also works deeply on a spiritual level. Many take this medicine prior to other plant medicine ceremonies as it is said to “clear dark energy, dark clouds”. Also the benefits of having your body more clear, healthy and functioning before doing deep personal work  often makes for a much smoother process.

I often highly recommend this medicine for people who are curious about psychedelic work yet are new to this space and are unsure of where to start. Its a great, legal and safe medicine that we have much more control over than other medicines. Kambo is applied to the skin, unlike psychedelics which you ingest, so if for any reason you want to stop this 20 minute process, the medicine can always be removed for immediate relief. 

Also many find it much more accessible due to the fact that it is not as much mind altering as it is a physical experience, it gets you much more in touch with your body and you can find “answers” and clarity through this connection. 

Unlike psilocybin, MDMA, LSD and many other medicines that can be rather cryptic, Kambo messages often come through to us very clear without much search for meaning. Although Kambos messaging can be quite clear for you, coaching around preparing and deepening your practice with this ritual can be extremely beneficial.

Your Facilitator

 I knew I was meant to work with Kambo the first time I heard about it. Although having many challenges in my sessions, I was called over and over again to deepen my studies with it, I first waited a year to sign up and do training. The calling was still there and I first worked with Kambo International based in the Pacific Northwest US. During that training I learned many valuable skills on how to not only serve myself optimally but also how to notice patterns of resistance in my life for deeper transformation. The energetic breakthroughs I had in my life after my personal deep dive in this training were undeniable. Six months following, I traveled out to Colorado to study with Tribal Detox which was more safety and science focused. The combination of teachers who together have studied and worked with this medicine for several decades has provided me with rich and varied perspectives that I believe provides me with a well rounded approach to working with Kambo. 

Whether it’s physical, spiritual or an emotional challenge or just wanting to deepen  your connections in life I would love to help you find your own inner healing.

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