Acknowledge, Allow, Create

Integration is the processing of developing an understanding of your experience and planning the next steps to implement what you just discovered to transform your life.

Oftentimes we have profound experiences that teach us SO much in just a handful of hours that it can be overwhelming and difficult to fully grasp. We want to remember everything but are unsure of where to start and how to take this knowledge and apply it to our every day lives. We often walk away feeling a deep shift, yet our realities, people in our lives, our jobs, have not changed. This can be disorienting and confusing. These insights can be challenging to maintain on our own.


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This is where integration steps in.
Integration can take place in variety of ways. The intention of integration is to have a safe and supportive guide to share your experiences openly, and to help yourself come to a better understanding of how to move forward towards a better life with this knowledge, how to LIVE and EMBODY it!

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Importance Of Integration

Here are a few great talks about the importance of integration: