How to know you’ve found The One… In the psychedelic space that is…

Blog post about finding the right facilitator

As more and more people seek out alternatives in healing, more and more are considering Psychedelics as an option to help them improve their lives. Its a super exciting time and very important time for myself to share the gifts that these medicines have brought me in my life. 

And that is why I am writing what I am today….

As I talk to more potential clients, the more I keep seeing one thing: Many want to make a big leap rather than pausing, listening, reflecting so they make a well informed choice. 

I understand, you haven’t felt great for some time, or you have been living your life in circles, or you know there just has to be more to life… and most likely there is! BUT who you choose to work with in this process is maybe even more powerful than the medicine itself. 

We are going through a significant influx in this space right now, high demand and many people jumping into a role to help assist people , which is wonderful and needed. But when you are making this kind of choice , I hope you ask yourself some important questions as well as your potential guide you choose. 

Some ideal questions to ask during a consultation ( you should always have a consultation!!) : 

What brought you to doing this work?

How long have you been working with psychedelics? Which medicines do you work with personally the most and why?

What philosophy or steps do you feel are imperative or most important in this work?

Is there a specific therapeutic model you follow?

How many people have you worked with in the last year or two?

Questions to ask yourself : 

How much energy, time and resources am I willing to invest in this process?

What level of care do I need? Consistent and often, sparingly, or something in between?

What do I feel I need with in that level of care to keep me on track to sustain my goals?

and probably #1; How do I FEEL about working with this person?

When diving into this work, who you work with is important for so many reasons. It is very suggestible medicine, it is heart opening, it is deep and soul connecting. It is intimate. When we open ourselves up in this way, if we want to get a deeper transformation, we must ask what do I need to have in order to potentiate this work? If we choose someone who can not offer what we need, we often have to invest more money, energy and years on our path to get to where we would like to go. You should also look for a guide who doesn’t just take any client. Don’t take it personally if someone you discuss hiring turns you down, that means this person knows there is someone who would be a better fit for you. Don’t hire someone who doesn’t have boundaries and who doesn’t know themselves well enough to discern who isn’t their client.

There are varied degrees to which someone can engage in this work. This is not applicable for everyone but still some important points to consider. . Its important to be honest on your level of readiness in diving deeper in yourself so you can find what you are looking for from your current level of commitment. There is no right or wrong in this, only different levels to which you are being honest with yourself about where you currently are. If you don’t get there through self reflection, psychedelics sure will show you!  Dont say I didnt warn you…

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