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Allowing Change


Psychedelics are an agent for change, and a promising one.

How do we feel about change? 

I feel this is the real question when we enter into this space. 

When we have an idea of how we want something to be, using these tools and practices to get there, I feel what really becomes clear is our relationship to change.

Psychedelics are amazing at showing us what lies below the surface, its a tool for awareness.

Awareness is information. Change is the awareness in action.

What is our relationship to change?

There are so many quotes about being on the right path, listening to our gut feelings, our intuition and I feel this has lead people down a really confusing and avoidant path. 

There are so many trends in “flow” and “ path of least resistance” that many interpret as the “easy way is the right way”.

Living differently, choosing to challenge your natural urges, reactions, and choices is not typically a space where we feel flow. 

Think about not grabbing that cup of coffee each morning out of habit, that takes conscious effort to remember and act upon.

Think about not working out for years and then setting an alarm to get up an hour earlier to work out a few times a week so you can get your health back. There is typically resistance, and sometimes resistance for quite some time.

Im not saying its impossible for there to be this easeful switch overnight, I am just sharing that change  is most often a repeated awareness practice put into action.

And that action is the integration. 

Integration doesnt have to be this deep elaborate process. More simply, it is just continuing to put your awareness into action.

This is why I focus on preparation for an experience a more than the integration. When clients work with me, my preparation process focuses on building a relationship to change. 

Our bodies, our minds, our ego and  human nature all like to conserve energy, so in preparation, we work on a deeper level , in exploring our stories around change, practicing making small shifts, building up to have a greater capacity for bigger shifts to occur in a lasting way.

May you have the courage to face and forge this new path for yourself. There is support all around you.

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